Five Short Minutes Productions
Mooresville, North Carolina
Live Music, Lessons, Music Recording, Guitar Repair in Mooresville, NC.

Guitar Repair And Maintenance
In Mooresville, North Carolina

FIx it! Mantain it! Keep it for life!!

Guitar restrings, adjustments, setups, basic repair, electric guitar repair, pick-up installation, referrals for big jobs.

Whether your guitar is your hobby or your life's blood, you want it to perform at its best for you.  If your guitar is feeling hard to play, your strings are shot, or you need minor cosmetic repairs to the finish, I can take care of that for you.  I also can solder your electronics, or change out parts that aren't working correctly.  I can also do some restoration work on new or vintage guitars.  If I can't fix it for you, I can offer you a referral, free of charge, to someone who can.